Let's start the art journey with me

Hi, This is Annita. Welcome to Renewis Design. As a designer, I touch the world with a unique angle.
Usually, I'd love to tell the magical story through my brush and render the world with various colors.
When the different pigments mix, a vivid imaginary world will appear in front of you.
I hope my artwork will bring you happiness and joyfulness!

Graphic Resources

I love drawing something with my unique style and I want to share my attitude and aesthetic through my art. Now, I focus on provide high-quality digital artworks that primarily encompasses watercolor painting, ink illustration, pattern design and printable graphic set, specializing for shop owners, designers, bloggers and other creative business owners. I really hope my work can bring you some good value and help you realize your creative project. Please follow my shop and my web, I will upload my latest collection soon. Thanks for your support!!!

For advanced client, there are commission services include packaging design and illustration project for your choice. I cherish every opportunity to work for different kinds of creative projects. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about customer service, creative project and creation process, I will get back to you typically within 2 days. If you want to know more information, please visit contact page.

I traveled to many countries. Their profound traditional culture and spiritual heritage influence me a lot. When I want to express a fresh idea, I always gather inspiration through ancient legend, poetry, myth and natural world. I also like to collect art books, such as Chinese painting, Redout√©’s botanical illustration, William Morris design collection, absorbing experience from excellent work of earlier artists. Meantime, I am a big fan of decorative art. I appreciate that things with classic silhouette and fine detail. Thanks for all my experience, my signature style is a harmonious blend of traditional aesthetic and fashionable concept.